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We call for our UK government to remember who they serve - you and your family - and to step up and be the inspired leaders needed for us to have a future

You Have Been Forgotten

Our Government appears to have forgotten who it is here to serve - you and your family. Fulfilling the role of upholding the welfare and dignity of us all seems a distant memory.


We are at the most critical time of needing Our Government to show the inspired leadership we need to take us into a future which goes beyond struggling and survival. A future where the overwhelming problems of crime, security, healthcare and climate threat are taken care of. One in which our children and grandchildren can look forward to with hope and with their dreams intact.


And yet our leadership system across all parties is apparently incapable of collaborating to take meaningful and ethical action on you and your family's behalf to lead us towards making the only future we have one to look forward to.


Join the Petition to demand that Our Government step up and become the inspired leaders we need them to be, before it is too late.


Whatever your political bias, and whomever you vote for, we need all our politicians to step up and lead us into our Future with inspiration.  

Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys. P. J. O'Rourke

Sign our Petition

If you experience one or more of these problems then we should talk.

Calm Sea

Frustrated at not yet being able to make the big impact you thought possible

Struggling with excessive time demands from managing your function and committees

Calm Sea

Feeling stressed in making authoritative decisions that could impact the health of the business and your career

No trusted, experienced and confidential supporter to bounce ideas off

Being unclear how to best navigate Board dynamics, or support the NEDs and Chairperson

Under pressure to prove you and your function's worth to the Board and CEO

Calm Sea

Challenged by managing shifting expectations and priorities

Hijacked by surprise regulatory interventions,  an unwanted regulatory agenda or unhelpful regulatory timescales 

Not yet having a leadership team or function that you can rely on 

Under pressure to show strong Employee Engagement whilst also introducing headcount reductions

To book your 15 minute introductory meeting you can send us a message at or click here to book directly with our scheduling service.

The Leadership problem is a shortage of skill and ethics.
We can see this in the United Kingdom's insufferably poor track record.

New Oil-Field to Be Approved

International law broken

Climate pledge already missed



Party in-fighting on internal issues, rather than collaborating  on the big issues we face

Bottom of the table for xxx




We are Demanding that situations like these never happen, and instead Our Government's efforts are focused on securing you and your family's future.
Please choose to make your voice heard and sign our petition


Change 1 of 2: Eliminate poor leadership and poor ethics, through regular formal independent non-party scrutiny. 

We need leadership which is inspired. 

Inspired leadership is forward thinking, collaborative and focused on achieving outcomes. It is grounded in transparency and strong ethics. 

This type of leadership creates the possibility of positive change towards the issues we all face in the UK, and particularly the existential threat from climate heating.


So we need to highlight leadership which is not this. Poor leadership, or mediocre leadership, whilst at the same time recognising that the issues we face are complex.

We do this through introducing proper independent scrutiny of the progress Our Government is making towards securing our future. 


This type of system is already in place in global and UK legislation for large corporates and works incredibly well. There is no reason why it is not in place for Our Government, given the criticality of its role. 

Change 2 of 2 - Reward Inspirational Leadership when it happens, again through regular formal independent non-party scrutiny. 

When inspired leadership happens, this should be highlighted and rewarded through being visible to the public.

Inspired leadership doesn't happen by itself. It is learned through assessment, training and experience. Our Government should be supported in becoming more capable leaders. For example, and senior appointment in a corporate (or public service?) will likely require a formal leadership and technical skills assessment. This should be in place ahead of new appointment into Our Government's senior positions.


We do this through the same introduction of regular formalised independent scrutiny, which highlights inspired leadership in action and recommends assessment and training for Our Government.

The Only way we can demand this is through Petition or Legal Action

The UK political system is closed, which means that outside of the democratic general election vote change cannot easily be made. 

The two ways are Petitions or Legal Action.

We are choosing to Petition and need 100,000 signatures to be meaningfully heard in Parliament


If you have funding available to support us in building a legal case, or are willing to work pro-bono, with the cause being the future of our country, please email at

Time is Slipping By Too Quickly to Not Act.
Its Easy to Sign the Petition








Sign up to Our Petition and Know You Are Making a Difference. 

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